How we Massively Grow Your Medspa

unlock your full potential

Marketing Solutions

Are you able to handle more sales from medspa patients?

Unlock Your Full Potential!

You know how most med spa businesses can’t seem to get more high-paying customers to book appointments and buy from them? 

We help med spas get more patients and convert more of these visitors into sales, not just appointments. 

Maximize Your ROI

We maximize the rate of return of your med spa by optimizing your presence everywhere customers are likely to find you.

Increase Conversions

We will increase your med spa patient conversion rate from interest to lead, from lead to appointment and from appointment to show.

We Do the Work For You

We’ll not only increase the conversion, but we’ll do all the follow-up for you so that it also reduces your workload.

Most ad agencies charge you for leads and their work stops there. Their marketing services create MORE WORK for you! Then you have to nurture these leads, which can take months.

With other agencies, you pay for every single lead when sadly, 80% of leads DO NOT CONVERT TO PATIENTS!

At Medspa Genius, we don’t get paid until patients are booked on your calendar.

Your success is our success.

1. Inbound marketing

In order to start moving the needle with your business, you need to start attracting more visitors to your med spa website. Patients need to be able to find you and we make this happen by maximizing your presence everywhere they look.

There are tons of media channels people are subscribed to and we’ll help bridge the gap so you start showing up on their radar by attracting organic traffic through search traffic, utilizing digital advertising, social media, and 3rd party referral traffic.

Once patients are able to find you, you have to communicate your value to them by turning these strangers into leads and closing these leads into new patients.

Most Medspa business’s end there, but you need to go 1-step further. Not only will you solve their problem with stellar service, we’ll help you blow them away.

2. how it works:

We start by optimizing your website. If google can’t find you, neither can anyone else. Our proven systems and state-of-the-art tools will boost your visibility in the right areas so people can find you easily.

Most businesses make it difficult for people to buy. We’ll help you make the entire process easy and enjoyable for each patient that sees you.

We improve the design of your current website so it’s easy for patients to get their problems solved fast and easy.

This means making it easy to find what they’re looking for and get answers to their most common questions. Within seconds, patients can book appointments, complete and sign any required forms and receive text and email reminders for their upcoming appointments.


When we open the floodgates by optimizing your online presence, your traffic will start pouring into your website. We will help turn these strangers into booked appointments through our proven automation campaigns.

  • Chatbots
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nuturing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook/Instagram Marketing

COMPLETE Automation

If someone clicks to book an appointment on your website, but doesn’t complete the process, our automated nurture campaigns will help turn them into customers by solving their problems.

We do this by amplifying their pain, giving them solutions and  providing answers to their questions. Instead of convincing them to book an appointment, they’ll be trying to convince you to make room for them in your schedule because your calendar will fill up so fast.