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Passionate About The Massive

Growth Of Your Medspa

Meet The Experts

Passionate about the growth of your medspa

We help medspas Owners fill their schedule with more loyal patients in less than 30-days so their practice can make more money as fast as possible.

Want to spend more time focusing on providing top notch treatments for your patients instead of worrying about marketing?

We will help you book more appointments and close more sales. Now you can work ON your business instead of working IN your business.

Welcome to Medspa Genius.

Just about every marketing agency out there inundates us all with marketing jargon.

Visit one of their websites and you’ll be bombarded with an almost endless amount specific things they can do for you. Not only is it boring, we think it confuses most people.

We Don’t Work That Way.

Think of our agency like this. If you’re a race car driver and you just want to win races, are you going to want to know every detail about the car’s engine?

Or, do you want to focus on doing what you do best so you can win races?  We are here to help you win races.


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We speak your language and we understand your patients. In addition, we know what they’re looking for! No more trying to translate the aesthetic industry to a marketing company and no more wondering if your marketing company “gets it”.

Proven Strategy. Proven Results.

We know the aesthetic industry inside and out because our team have worked directly in it.

We know what patients are looking for when finding an injector and we know how to help you provide this value. Our proven marketing systems will help you turn strangers into customers that will not only come back again and again.

Stop Guessing…

start Getting Results!

Instead of guessing what works best, we let the data do the talking and guide the strategy for you.
This is how your business wins. This is how our marketing helps you make more money.
This is true data-driven marketing that gets results year after year.

Our Team

When we open the floodgates by optimizing your online presence, your traffic will start pouring into your website.

We will help turn these strangers into booked appointments through our proven automation campaigns.

Co Founder
Nick Holt

Nick has worked in the marketing industry for over a decade crafting very successful marketing strategies and campaigns for clients just like you. He’s spent over 10 million dollars in facebook ads alone. With his experience, he understands what works and what doesn’t. If you are looking to move the needle for your business, he can help.


Co Founder
Kiley Holt

A sales representative for injectables at Merz Aesthetics for over 3 years. She has a very broad knowledge of the medical aesthetic industry and has worked intimately with medspas of all types! What marketing company knows more about medspas than an injectable rep? She has seen what works and what doesn’t work and she understands the needs of your patients!

Content Creator/Backend Specialist
Marvin Quezon

With expertise in customer service, project management, and technical skills, Marvin provides invaluable support to our team. From assisting executives to creating engaging content, Marvin excels in delivering exceptional results. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Marvin combines his technical expertise with a passion for creating engaging content and ensuring smooth backend operations.

Client Success Manager
Effie Samson

With an extensive background in operations management and client satisfaction, Effie is dedicated to helping our clients thrive and achieve their growth goals. With his passion for delivering exceptional client experiences and his extensive operational expertise, he ensures that our clients receive the highest level of support and guidance on their journey to success.

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