How To Harness The Secret Power Of Text Messaging In Your Medspa

Would you believe me if I told you adding text messaging to your practice could increase patients’ inquiries by 6x?

Patients are 6 times more likely to communicate with your practice if text messaging is an available communication platform.

Let’s be honest here; 6x anything is a MASSIVE increase! This is especially true with inbound leads through text messaging alone. There isn’t another communication method that comes close to that. 

No one likes to call these days. Asking current patients and new patient prospects to call your front desk is a lot to ask. Why do you think that is? Well, time is of the essence and it is an investment of time and effort. It’s slow, you have to call during office hours, and you know that there is social pressure that is going to be applied by the person on the other end. It can be a challenge and can cost you those patients whom you might have had if communicating was easier. You are missing out on those inquiries, patients, and most important those SALES. 

Texting is easy. Sending a text is a much lower ‘ask’, and just what you want for your business; a very easy first step. You won’t have to worry about office hours or connection issues, and there is much less social pressure than talking on the phone. Best of all, your front desk staff can handle 5 times the traffic in texting communication than phone calls. 

did you know?

  • New patients are 6 times more likely to text than call your practice. Texting is 10X quicker than phone calls.
  • 81% of Americans text regularly.
  • 85% of people want to be able to not only receive a message from a business, but also answer a message from a business.
  • 98% of consumers prefer to use texting when communicating with a business.
  • 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.
  • Most people prefer text for booking, rescheduling, and confirming appointments.
  • Response rates from text are 209% higher than phone calls and 200% higher than email.

Text messaging is more productive when communicating AND it allows you to save their contact information for future follow ups. 

From my practice management experience, I asked myself how much time is actually wasted every week on the phone. 

Texting is clearly more productive and efficient than phone calls. Your patients respond better to it.

When and how should text messaging be used?


One of the biggest frustrations is “no-show” patients. You can eliminate a large number of no-shows by texting appointment reminders and confirmations with your patients. It’s much less intrusive and time-consuming than having your staff call to remind patients about upcoming appointments.


Not all of the questions your patients have will warrant a phone call. Some are simple and can often be answered with a very short text. Because texting is more visual than a phone call, it allows your patients to use texting in ways that phone calls just don’t handle well, like sending a photo. This can eliminate a lot of confusion that might arise if they were to try and describe the problem verbally.


Having a texting relationship with your patients will also give you the opportunity to upsell them from time-to-time. This will provide your business with incremental increases in revenue that will not only improve customer satisfaction but also boost your bottom line.


Our patients have started to replace traditional customer satisfaction surveys with a text message based survey. These patients see a higher open and response rate because text messaging is more conversational and less intrusive than a survey. A simple “how are you doing after your recent treatment?” text is another touch point that patients appreciate.


This might sound crazy to you, but it’s not uncommon for people to make a sale in a text message conversation – even for big-ticket purchases. Just send a special offer to your best patients, or follow up on a consultation in a non-intrusive way. 


Finally, you should invite all of your patients to review your business via text message. They should receive a text message asking how everything was like this, “Hi Anne, I hope your appointment went well today. If you are satisfied with your service with us, reply YES. If you were not satisfied, reply NO. Building up your online reputation is important because it makes it easy for patients to find your business via online searches, while also helping influence purchase decisions.

Adding text messaging into your practice is a MUST. It will enhance your patient communication, patient-provider relationship, increase sales opportunities, and create more efficient ways to multitask while maintaining professionalism and high priority of your patients. 

To find out more ways on how to increase patients revenue, visit our website and schedule a demo with our team of experts at We can help you reach your goals and grow your practice by implementing a robust text messaging platform!

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