Safely Upload Files

Would You Like Us to Upload Your Contact List to Medspa Genius Software for You?

Or have something else you’d like to send us in a HIPPA complaint form?

Instructions for Preparing Your Contact List:

  • Export your contacts from your booking software or any other platform where you have stored client information.
  • Ensure the exported file includes essential contact details: Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.
  • Save the exported data in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file format.

Centralized Management

Have all your contacts organized and accessible in one central platform, making it easier to manage and communicate with your clients and leads.

Segmentation & Targeting

Easily segment your contacts based on various criteria, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing efforts.

Lost Patient & Retargeting Campaigns

With your uploaded contact list, we can initiate campaigns aimed at re-engaging patients who haven’t visited or interacted with your services in a while, encouraging them to return.

Automated Marketing

Utilize Medspa Genius Software’s advanced marketing automation tools to engage your contacts with personalized emails, texts, and campaigns, driving more conversions and customer loyalty.

Tracking & Analytics

Gain insights into your contacts’ behavior and interactions with your business, helping you make informed decisions and improve your marketing strategies.


Save time and effort by having us handle the upload process for you, ensuring a smooth and error-free transition of your contact data to Medspa Genius Software.